"If you are looking for food with the perfect balance between tradition, creativity, freshness, finesse, and elegance - you needn’t look any further." 

Starting at a young in his Grandma Stancato’s kitchen, learning essential skills like making bread and pasta from scratch.  His passion for food was immense, eventually earning him an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from Pima College. His formal education laid the groundwork to begin his community work volunteering as an intern at age 17 and later working three years in the kitchen under Tucson’s only James Beard award winning Chef Janos Wilder, and his Exe. Chef Devon Sanner. and at his two critically acclaimed restaurants Janos/JBAR and Downtown Kitchen Riley expanded his knowledge to become a personal on-call chef for the elderly enrolled in professional home health plans that Included cooking specialized diets such as GAPS, Paleo, Gluten Free, vegan and others. Currently, in addition to running his personal chef business, and Pop-Up Tucson, he supports the culinary community by teaching at the University of Arizona, and Tucson Village Farm, where he has recently been appointed a volunteer board member. Riley is adamant about supporting the local agricultural community by using farm fresh ingredients, including meats from local ranches and poultry farms, and herbs from community gardens, including his own.


Tucson Foodie - 9 on the line interview

Tucson Foodie - 9 on the line interview Daily Star Daily Star



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